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Detailed A level Chemistry notes , Made by an A* Student

Detailed A level Chemistry notes , Made by an A* Student

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Digital version of my A-level chemistry notes for the whole OCR A A-level course.
170 pages of detailed and aesthetic chemistry notes that I made during my course and I kept annotating them throughout. Apart from that EXTRA file with highly focused notes to revise just before exam.
Notes are divided into 9 PDF files, and are easy to download.
MODULE 2: Acid-base titrations, redox, electron structure, bonding, forces

MODULE 3: The periodic table, ionisation energies, metallic bonding, group 2, halogens, qualitative analysis, enthalpy changes, Hess’s law, reaction rates, equilibrium

MODULE 4: hydrocarbons, alcohols, haloalkanes, organic synthesis, IR&MS + MECHANISMS

MODULE 5: reaction rates, equilibrium, pH, buffers, enthalpy, entropy, free energy, redox, electrode potentials, transition elements

MODULE 6: aromatic, carbonyl, nitrogenous compounds, polymers, organic synthesis, NMR

EXTRA: Bundle of model answers to the most difficult 6 marks exam questions, flashcards with the most challenging mechanisms & reactions, pathways summaries to all organic chemistry, summarized notes I made after doing past papers, useful for exam techniques and to achieve A* in chemistry
If you have any feedback please feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to incorporate into future versions.

If you have any follow up questions from the notes please feel free to reach out to me on mail

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